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Limited Release Wines

Limited Edition or Restricted Quantity Series feature a strictly limited number of outstanding wine kits released on an annual basis. Announced each Fall, specific wines are offered each month from December through April. These unique and intriguing wines are available only during their month of release and are so immensely popular that pre-ordering is highly recommended to ensure you’ll receive these sought-after winemaking kits. For details, call/email Clarkson Vine today!

December 2016

Syrah - Languedoc, France

The Wine: Signature peppery bouquet, with raspberry and earthy notes; this classic varietal from Southern France is complex and harmonious with soft tannins. Flavours of blackberry and black cherry are accented with spicy black pepper and oak, hints of mint, herbs, mocha, and faint licorice on the finish.
The Region: The Languedoc region hugs the Mediterranean coastline of France and has been planted with vineyards since the 5th century BCE. Vineyards here are generally planted in the coastal plains of the Mediterranean, known to be some of the hottest, most arid regions of France. With an average of 300 days of sunshine per year, low rainfall, and temperatures regularly above 30C, the weather provides excellent growing conditions.
Food Pairing: Serve thick homemade burgers with aged cheddar, slow cooked lamb, or other grilled or roasted red meats. Try with hearty casseroles and pepper steaks. Hard, matured cheeses and 70% dark chocolate also pair well.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium - Full    Alcohol: 13.5%


January 2017

Cabernet Franc, Washington

The Wine: Cabernet Franc is a grape with so much to offer, yet most of the winemaking world blends it with other varieties to make a ‘Bordeaux’ style blend. There’s good reason to celebrate this grape on its own. It can tread the line between fruit and spice notes magnificently with ripe raspberry and red currant dancing around with black pepper and fresh mint leaf. There is a solid backbone of tannin to provide mouth-feel and structure, and it can pair with a range of foods due to its medium-full body status.
The Region: It's home, the Loire Valley in France, is one place that hails Cabernet Franc for the beauty that it is and makes brilliant single varietal versions of it. The Yakima Valley in Washington State coincidentally sits at the same latitude as the Loire Valley. These cooler climate wine regions have just what Cabernet Franc needs. At 46 degrees latitude north, grapes ripen in summer sunshine that lasts for about 17 hours a day (more than in California) and Yakima specifically is known to have 300 cloudless days per year.
Food Pairing: Play up the herbaceous elements and enjoy it with rosemary-crusted lamb or cozy up in the winter with a paprika-rich bowl of Goulash stew.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium     Alcohol: 13%

Vermentino, Italy

The Wine: Although rare in North America, in Italy the Vermentino grape is a white star. Think of flavours like white peach, green apple, fresh lime and even a bit of dried tarragon on the finish. On the palate, it has a quenching acidity that makes your mouth water with delight and a delicate weight that allows this wine to be sip-worthy on its own.
The Region: In Tuscany, the grape has the chance to soak in the warm amber hues of the Tuscan sun. This ripens it to a degree of even more aromatic expression on both the nose and palate. Tuscany, one of the finest wine regions in the world, certainly has a definitive collection of red grapes already. However Vermentino is one of the few whites grown in this haven of viticulture and we're grateful for it.
Food Pairing: Although perfect on its own on a warm summer day, this wine also pairs beautifully with regional Italian cuisine like pasta tossed in olive oil with fresh shellfish or simply with grilled Mediterranean vegetables.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Light - Medium     Alcohol: 12.5%


Nero D'Avola - Sicily, Italy

The Wine: A lesser known Italian red wine grape, Nero D’Avola has long been a prized varietal in its native Sicily and in the last decade has been gaining favour in the rest of the world as a serious red, joining the ranks of big Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz. Nero D’Avola offers aromas of ripe black fruit with notes of vanilla and smoke, and abundant flavours of ripe black cherry & plum with spicy accents, velvety tannins, and a long finish.
The Region: Situated just off the ‘toe’ of Italy’s boot, Sicily is home to a number of active volcanoes, which create rich, fertile soils ideal for agriculture. The largest of the Mediterranean islands, Sicily enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with mild, wet winters, and hot, dry summers with consistent sunshine. This combination of mineral-rich soil and reliable weather create near perfect conditions for growing wine grapes.
Food Pairing: A great wine to match with rich meats. Try with beef stews, game meats, or barbecued angus burgers topped with bacon. Black bean or shitake mushroom based dishes also make for excellent matches.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Full     Alcohol: 14%


Riesling - Clare Valley, Australia

The Wine: Citrus aromas with underlying floral notes make for a fresh and vibrant aroma. Juicy lemon-lime flavours fill the palate, accented by orange blossom and apple notes, mineral tones, and a backbone of crisp, energetic acidity. The subtle sweetness really makes the citrus sing in this succulent & refreshing white.
The Region: Located in the Mount Lofty Ranges, most of the region’s vineyards are planted at elevations between 400-500m. The climate is moderate-continental with long, warm summer days and cool to cold nights. The higher altitude of the region ensures these colder nights, slowing the ripening of the grapes and allowing the fruit to ripen more evenly, retaining crisp acidity. Clare Valley is known for its Rieslings, and wines grown here are heralded for their hallmark Riesling flavours – citrus, lime, apple, with mineral notes and crisp natural acidity..
Food Pairing: This Riesling’s sweetness and acidity make it an easy pairing for a variety of dishes. Try with lightly to moderately spiced Asian inspired dishes, pad thai, or Tex-Mex dishes with cilantro & avocado. A fantastic pick for cheese fondue and creamy cheeses.
Sweetness: Off-Dry     Body: Medium     Alcohol: 12%

February 2017

Milagro, Spain

The Wine: Blending grapes together is an art, with of course a bit of science, and the grapes here are perfectly suited. Three of Spain’s great red varieties, Tempranillo, Garnacha and Bobal bring their lush and hedonistic qualities to pair the full-bodied and well-structured friends Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah. Together, you have a wine with a range of black and red fruit characteristics, cherry cola, anise and white pepper and a powerful yet supple mouthful.
The Region: Most of the vineyards in Valencia are located inland where there is more mountainous topography. This allows the grapes a much-needed cool down in the evening from the warm heat that surrounds them during the day. This particular area of the country has a long history of making wine, dating as far back as the Neolithic period, which certainly gives it an anchor in expertise and tradition. Pair this with braised beef, a big wedge of Manchego cheese or the region's famous specialty, Paella. Put your feet up, close your eyes and escape to Spain.
Food Pairing: Pair this with braised beef, a big wedge of Manchego cheese, or the region’s famous specialty, Paella.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium - Full        Oak: Medium - Heavy       Alcohol: 14%


Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé - Sacramento County, California

The Wine: Fresh strawberry on the nose, with watermelon and cranberry accents. This crisp, fragrant rosé carries juicy strawberry flavours and tart red fruit notes on the palate. Balanced and refreshing, with crisp acidity and a subtle minerality.
The Region: Sacramento County lies in the middle of the Central Valley, California’s prime agricultural region. It extends from the low delta lands between the Sacramento & San Joaquin rivers to just north of the state capitol of Sacramento, continuing east to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Sacramento County is graced with a hot Mediterranean climate, and receives an average of just 350mm of precipitation per year. The moderately rocky nutrient-rich clay loam soil retains moisture while allowing excess water to drain away, creating fertile grounds for the vines to thrive in the hot California sunshine.
Food Pairing: Turkey burgers, meat pies, tourtiere, and cured sausage platters are great matches, as are light summer salads, greek salads, tapas, and feta cheese. Enjoy with practically anything off the grill or serve on its own lightly chilled.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Medium    Alcohol: 13%

March 2017

Blanc de Noir, California

The Wine: Blanc de Noirs is a French term that translates to a white wine made from dark grapes. Pinot Noir, which many wine experts argue is the greatest red wine grape in the world, is used for this particular wine. By quickly removing the skins from the juice after the grapes have been pressed, the pigment from the skins is not transferred to the juice and you have all the beautiful complexities of Pinot Noir while keeping the colour light and the tannins at bay. This wine, with its crab apple and strawberry driven nose and white peach and grapefruit palate pairs well with delicate dishes.
The Region: Agricultural haven and is known as the "food basket of the world". Grapes just thrive here and are so content to grow that you can taste their utter bliss in the juice. With over 100 years of winemaking history, producers have been pushing the quality boundaries and the region is becoming known for its varietal focus.
Food Pairing: Splurge on poached lobster or enjoy with eggs benedict for your next Sunday brunch.
Sweetness: Off-Dry     Body: Light - Medium     Alcohol: 13%


Kookaburra Red - Riverland Region, Australia (With Grape Skins)

The Wine: A bold, charismatic blend of Grenache, Shiraz, and Mataro loaded with raspberry, blackberry, spice, and a supple finish. Grenache brings ripe, jammy fruit flavours and hints of cinnamon spice. Shiraz provides a punch of blackberry, and plum flavours with elements of black pepper spice, while Mataro brings savoury, earthy notes, spicy elements and texture.
The Region: South Australia’s picturesque Riverland region boasts over 300kms of the River Murray running through it, and wildlife is plentiful in the area. Kookaburras, native to Australia, are abundant here and their ‘laughing’ call is a common chorus along vineyards and riverbanks. With the hot, dry continental climate and minimal rainfall, the river provides much-needed water to the area’s vineyards. The Riverland’s flat terrain and long hours of sunshine mean the vines here receive consistent, quality sunlight, greatly reducing their chance of disease and ensuring fully ripe, flavourful grapes.
Food Pairing: Drink alongside braised meats, grilled lamb with rosemary, meaty pasta dishes, and mushroom stews. Try with earthy dishes like spicy, hearty stews with red meat and root vegetables, mushroom risotto, or eggplant lasagna.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Full     Alcohol: 14.5%

April 2017

Grenache Cabernet with Grape Skins, Australia

The Wine:
Cabernet Sauvignon, the undisputed “king” of grapes, is a big, bold character that has strong tannins in his youth, yet unwinds himself with age to a smooth, velvety texture that is worth waiting for. Flavours like black currant (cassis) jam, cigar box and black olive. Grenache is the yin to Cabernet Sauvignon’s yang. It’s both soft and jammy to balance out the powerful structure of Cabernet, yet rich and spicy enough to stand up to him. Flavours like red licorice, black cherry and raspberry combine with warm vanilla and spice that rounds out the blend perfectly.
The Region: The Riverland is situated in South Australia and has a sunny, warm climate that is mediated by the Murray River which gently meanders its way through the region. This is an area of the world where big reds can develop to their full potential.
Food Pairing: Enjoy this wine with bold protein-rich dishes like grilled steak on the barbecue or wild mushroom risotto if meat is not on the menu.
Sweetness: Dry     Body: Heavy     Alcohol: 14.5%

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