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Wine Alternatives


Ice Wine
Made with Washington State Johannisberg Riesling. Complex rich and intense. Prominent peach, apricot, and honey notes. Long lingering finish. Discover why Ice Wine is the most sought after nectar in today's wine world.  

Cabernet Franc Ice Wine 4 - 0 - 5
Sweet and rich in texture, with rose and salmon tints of colour, this wine entices with irresistable aromas and flavos of honey, strawberry, and cranberry that persist to a smoth, elegant finish with ints of spice on the palate.

Riesling Ice Wine 4 - 0 - 5
Prized as a unique sweet wine specialty, our Icewine - based on Riesling grapes - will surprise you with its body and complexity. Served chilled, this golden nectar should be sipped slowly to cherish its special charms.

Vidal Ice Wine 5 - 0 - 5
This nectar is full of peach and tropical fruit with a perfectly balanced, honey-like sweetness.

Washington State Gewürztraminer Dessert Wine 5 - 0 - 10
Gewürztraminer grapes from Washington's Yakima Valley burst with spice, exotic lychee aromas and richly intense flavours. A rare sensory experience.

Washington State Riesling Dessert Wine 5 - 0 - 5
Made with Washington State Johannisberg Riesling. Formulated with an extra measure of concentrated fruit. This produces intensely complex aromatics and flavours as well as a rich, lingering finish. The sensory impact is reminiscent of wines made from frozen grapes. Peach, apricot and honey notes stand out on both the nose and the palate. The wine can be enjoyed young or cellared for several months for extra depth and a more harmonious sensory impression. Chill lightly and serve in a snifter and lose yourself in the heady perfume. Pairs well with ripe fruit and the richest of desserts.



Apple Tatin White Port 5 - 0 - 5
This decadent white port will have you reminiscing of freshly baked warm apple pie. Its bouquet is filled with warm flavours of tart apples perfectly balanced with rich, sweet toffee. Hints of cinnamon and brown sugar complete the experience in this soon to become holiday tradition. This port is extraordinary on its own but will make the perfect addition to your favourite apple martini recipe.

Port 5 - 3 - 5
Rich, warm and generous in character, this full-bodied classic has been prepared to meet the demands of even the most discerning palates. Bold, with a distinctively long fruity aftertaste. Perfect to complete a meal.

Classic Port 5 - 1 - 5
In the Portuguese tradition, this wine is made from a blend of several grape varieties including indigenous grapes from southwest Europe. Intense fruit character and depth of flavour at bottling. Like all ports however, you'll be rewarded if you can set some bottles aside for a year or two. The kit produces up to 17.5% alcohol. Brandy may be added to elevate the alcohol even further and add to the true Port taste.

Orange Chocolate Port 5 - 0 - 5
This rich specialty wine is an intricate melange of lively flavours that tempt the nose and reward the palate. Rich aromas of dark chocolate are set gracefully against a frame of refreshing citrus and vanilla notes. The palate is endowed with a full bodied experience and a finely balanced combination of delicious chocolate, hints of orange peel and a medium, sweet finish. Reveal your fine taste by sharing your orange chocolate port with friends and family this holiday season.

Orange Muscat
White Port style with natural orange essence. Exudes aromas of orange and spice. Flavours of honey, orange, and lychee. intense. Serve chilled.

Porto Corinto 1 - 5 - 10
Classic ruby port infused with flavourful black currant. Intense, rich and savory! 16% alcohol. Enjoy after 2 or 3 weeks aging. Best after a year in the bottle.

Premium Port 5 - 2 - 5
Deep ruby-red Premium Port smoulders with bold aromas and flavours of black cherries and blackberries. The perfect after-dinner delight.

White Chocolate White Port 5 - 0 - 5
A rare treat this sweet and creamy port is a must for every wine or dessert lover. The senses are awakened by this thick, honey coloured wine and it’s rich, fruity nose. Hints of toasted hazelnut and vanilla are balanced perfectly by velvety smooth white chocolate. Irresistibly sweet on it’s own serve chilled as an after dinner indulgence or try it half and half with tonic water and a slice of lemon over ice as a refreshing cocktail. Especially delicious paired with dark chocolate, hazelnuts or salted cashews.



Classic Cream Sherry
At last, we can re-introduce our Sherry style kit that lives up to the standard of quality we have established in all of our industry leading dessert wine kits. The rich concentration of flavour is reminiscent of an ice wine but with specific twists. Firstly, it is golden hued from oak contact and exposure to elevated temperatures. Secondly, the subtle tropical fruit notes give way to rich, dark tones found only in a fine Sherry.
The complex aroma is enveloping. Subtle citrus fragrance precedes notes of coffee, caramel, tobacco and cocoa. The velvety flavour suggests dried fruit, vanilla and almonds. There is a balance of sweetness, richness and maturity. The finish provides a lingering farewell as the concentrated flavours of dates and figs slowly dissolve on the palate. Serve at room temperature, or lightly chilled.


"Champagne for our real friends and real pain for our sham friends!"

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