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Here's what some of our clients have to say:

"I have read your testimonials and I must agree with all of them. Our womans' club look forward to our bottling mornings at the Clarkson Vine. It is always a pleasant way to catch up with friends and we all enjoy your wine."

"I wanted to do something personal for family & friends at Christmas so I talked to the staff at Clarkson Vine and they recommended a nice port. It tasted great and everyone loved their gift, it was a big hit. I’ll be back to do my Christmas shopping next year - THANKS for the recommendation!" — Frank B .

"As a “first time winemaker” I was impressed with the knowledgeable advice and surprised at how easy the wine making & bottling process was. I ended up with 30 bottles of excellent red wine and I saved a lot of money." — Helen M .

"Excellent service, quality products, selection and fair price keeps me coming back. Keep up the good work Joe!" — Nella T.

"The wine we served at our wedding and that we gave away as tokens of appreciation were excellent. We received many compliments from our guests. I was proud to tell everyone it was home made and that we made it at Clarkson Vine. I hope our shared experience brings you much deserved new business." — Mark and Lisa C.

"You get what you pay for. That is why I am a regular at the Clarkson Vine. I have been to many wine stores in the past but none match your quality. I get a truly enjoyable wine that I am proud to serve my guests." — David L.

"My husband and I are both in our eighties and have been loyal customers for over 10 years now. The wine store is convenient for us and we find parking close to the front door. There are some nice new additions like the automatic bottle corker. The owner is friendly and always helps us carry the wine bottles in and out of the store. We really enjoy making our own wine and are delighted to share it with family, neighbours and friends." — Sonja A.

"I drive into Mississauga from my home in Brampton to make wine. The wine is consistently excellent and the service is superb. Keep up the good work!" — Kristine V.

"On behalf of my club thank-you Joe for the warm welcome and great wine. We thoroughly enjoyed the entire wine making experience and appreciate your honest advice and extended service efforts. We look forward to being part of the Clarkson Vine 'wine family'." — Margaret L.

"We moved from Mississauga to Etobicoke and out of convenience tried a few local make your own wine shops but the wine was no comparison to that at Clarkson Vine. We have since given up trying to find another local wine shop and make the trek back to Mississauga to make our wine. We know first hand about the quality wine at Clarkson Vine." — Karen J.

"A wine connoisseur will travel a great distance to make a great quality product. Ironically, I travel from the heart of Ontario's wine growing region, Niagara-On-The-Lake because I prefer the wine I create at Clarkson Vine. Along with the quality there is always a huge selection to pick from and that keep me coming back." — Diane M.

" Joe's wines are tended with care and chemistry. At a recent Shiraz blind wine-tasting I attended, Joe's Shiraz was chosen as a favuorite over five respectable LCBO Aussies -- how's that, wine lovers?!" — Al D.

"Joe's friendly service and excellent quality of wine keeps us coming back to Clarkson Vine despite the hour and a half drive!! We have tried other places but Clarkson Vine is the best." — Jean and Donna

An overall testimonial: Clarkson Vine has won 45 medals in the past seven years from the International Amateur Wine Awards.

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