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White Six Week International Wines

Argentinean Trio Viognier, Riesling, Chardonnay 4 - 0 - 0
A delightful blend that highlights the apricot and floral notes of Viognier, the minerality of Riesling with the tropical aromas of Chardonnay. Fresh and balanced fruitiness complimented by hints of vanilla, this brilliant golden yellow wine has a lingering finish.

Australian Chardonnay 4 - 3 - 0
Leave it to the Aussies to take the noble French grape and turn it into the wine equivalent of a full-on party. The Chardonnays of Australia continue to wow wine drinkers around the world with their unabashed celebration of opulent fruit and vanilla-oak, full-bodied flavour. Our Chardonnay is no exception. Full, supple, buttery and fruity, this golden wine delivers from start to clean, lingering finish. Ideal with chicken, fish, salads and cream-sauce pastas.

Australian Murray River Reserve 3 - 3 - 0
A full-flavoured and intense white from the Murray River wine region on the Victoria-New South Wales border. Herbaceous bouquets and ripe, tropical fruit flavours come through in this blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard and Muscat varieties. Crisp and dry, with refreshing acidity and a light hint of oak - perfect for seafood or Asian cuisines.

Australian Viognier/Pinot Gris 3 - 0 – 0
These two white grape varieties are originally from France, but thrive in Australia to produce an easy to drinking and refreshing wine.This extremely aromatic white wine opens up with apricots and pear notes. Dry and medium bodied, it finishes on a refreshing fruit forward note.

California Blush Zinfandel
When California Red Zinfandel grapes are harvested early and processed with minimal skin contact, the result is a very friendly wine with a pink hue known as "Blush." Our Blush Zinfandel is medium bodied, displays nice fruit and has a suggestion of spice on the nose. An exclusive "Flavour Reserve" adds depth and a pleasant sweetness. Enjoy while very young, or age a few months for a more roundedadn mellow wine.

California Reserve French Columbard 3 - 3 - 0
A distinctive wine featuring complex tropical aromas, surprisingly rich mouthfeel and smooth, lingering finish. Lively and inviting in its youth, aging will reveal subtle herbaceous nuances. Often bottled with a touch of conditioner to accentuate the fruit character of the wine.

California Reserve Meritage Blanc 3 - 4 - 0
A typical Bordeaux blend of Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon accented with a touch of Chardonnay. Dry, crisp and clean with subdued grassiness and flavours of apple, gooseberry and fig A light touch of French oak adds depth and creates the harmony.

California Reserve Sauvignon Blanc 3 - 4 - 0
Fresh and distinctively aromatic. Herbaceous and grassy scent, balancing nicely with the subtle fruit. Crisp finish.

California Trinity White 3 - 0 - 0
A unique blend of Colombard, Sauv Blanc and Semillon, combining lemon and grapefruit aromas with rounded fruit, redolent of melons and frsh figs to round out this crisp refreshing medium-bodied white.

Chilean Cabernet/Malbec/Carmenère 3 - 3 – 0
This wine is a classic example of the spicy nature of the Cabernet Sauvignon, high alcohol producing, rustic qualities of Malbec and the deep colour of Carmenère. Strong notes of green pepper, dark fruit and leather define this rich dark wine. Smooth tannins grace the palate followed by blackberries and spice.

Chilean Chardonnay 3 - 1 - 0
Our Chilean Chardonnay displays charming flavours and personality: lively and medium-bodied, with citrus and apple notes. Versatile in matching with food, particularly with fine fish and seafood dishes.

Chilean Sauvignon Blanc 3 - 0 – 0
A gorgeous nose of honeydew, peach and gooseberry is followed by a silky palate with white peach and mineral flavours and a long finish. Bright, crisp and inviting at three months it’s refreshingly complex and tropical, and will develop notes of basil and mint with age.

French Chardonnay 3 - 3 – 0
The classic, from the country that made it famous in so many of its high-end white wine blends. Pleasantly dry, with medium acidity balanced with subtle hints of citrus and fruit. Includes premium French oak for a characteristic vanilla-oak structure. Has established a following for its unique balance of dryness, fruit and oak.

French Voignier 3 - 0 -0
This dry, full-bodied wine has a powerful, rich and complex aroma of ripe apricots, orange blossoms and tropical fruit flavours. Deep gold in colour; this wine is best consumed young.

German Gewürztraminer 4 - 0 - 0
This immensely charming, exotic wine is true to its German translation: spicy. Deeply coloured and opulently aromatic, with an unmistakably flowery perfume and flavours of lychees and roses. Crisp, lush, and refreshing - a wonderful match with spicy foods, strong cheeses and fresh fruits.

German Müller-Thurgau 3 - 0 - 1
Developed as a cross combining the lively qualities of Riesling with the viticultural reliability of Sylvaner, Germany’s most widely cultivated grape attains rare heights in aroma and flavour. Winexpert's German Müller-Thurgau is crisp and clean, with a grapey fruit character, low to medium acidity, and a pleasantly fragrant aroma. Vibrant flavours of crunchy green apples are imparted in its floral residual sweetness, aided by the addition of our F-pack™* finishing package.

German Riesling Traminer 3 - 0 - 0
The fresh, crips flavours of Riesling combined with the exotic spiciness of Gewürztraminer produce a full, dry wine with immense character and a round and well-balanced finish.

Global Cuvée Piesporter 0 - 4 - 2
Made with Rieslings from Washington and California; styled after wines from Piesport, Germany. Fruit and citrus on the nose. Peach, apricot and apple flavours. A Flavour Reserve made with Riesling adds a touch of sweetness to balance the natural acids and create a lasting finish.

Global Cuvée Emerald Riesling 0 - 3 - 0
This is a cross of Johannisberg Riesling and Muscadelle developed specifically for California vineyards. Its appeal comes from attractive acidity with green apple and floral aromatics typical of fine Riesling, while offering excellent value. Cellar Craft elevates the sensory profile further with the addition of Yakima Johannisberg Riesling juice in a ratio of 20% Yakima Riesling to 80% California Riesling. This adds subtle tangerine aromatics and notes of apricot, peach and rose petal to the overall impression.

Italian Pinot Grigio 2 - 0 - 0
The uniquely Italian version of the well known Pinot Gris grape, picked earlier in Italy than in all other regions and well before its characteristic loss of acidity at ripening, for a bright, crisp, dry white wine with a gentle perfume and a detectable spiciness. Fresh, fragrant and lively, its flavours include a certain flintiness with hints of citrus and almonds.

New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc 3 - 1 - 0
Tantalizing aromas of tropical fruits and honey act as a back drop to bold citrus notes of grapefruit and fresh melon.

New Zealand Unoaked Chardonnay 3/4 - 0 – 0
This full-bodied unoaked wine showcases the brilliant balance between fresh fruity flavours and vibrant aciditity. Offering a stunning array of flavours that reflect citrus, peach and mineral notes, this refreshing wine is best served chilled to show off its lively potential.

Poussé Blanc 0 - 4 - 0
An unoaked Chardonnay enhanced with a touch of Chenin Blanc. The unoaked style accents the natural flavour of the grapes. Suggestions of apple, peach and pear. A big wine with easy drinking qualities.

South African Chenin Blanc 3 - 0 - 0
Pale straw colour with a green tinge and the aroma of summer melon, this medium to full-bodied, dry white wine evokes luscious tropical fruit flavours and has a palate-pleasing, well balanced, crisp, lingering aftertaste.

Washington Late Harvest Riesling
Extra mature Riesling grapes from White Sands Vineyard in Washington provides the foundation for this luscious wine. Our "Flavour Reserve" adds a concentration of tastes and natural sweetness that make late harvest wines so special. Notes of honey, apple and apricot dominate the aroma and taste, right through the rich finish. The wine displays all of the complexity of an Ice Wine, but with less sweetness.

Washington State White Merlot 0 - 4 - 2
All the charm of a fine Merlot, but with the freshness and softness that comes when the juice is quickly separated from the skins. Inviting salmon colour. Incredible fruit. Finished with an exclusive Flavour Reserve. A blush wine you must try.

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